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While Kanye may be tough on himself, he still has a very large ego. It is most likely due to the fact that he knows that his work strives towards perfection, so he can then act like he has a perfect music career. In the song, “Monster,” the monster is a metaphor for Kanye. He argues that he is a continuous threat to the music industry and he even claims to be the “best living or dead hands down” in one of the verses in the song. Regarding the song “Gorgeous,” its assertiveness is sexy and it is probably the sexiest song on the record. The first single off the album, “Power,” continues to tell the audience a lot about what Kanye thinks of himself. The fact that this was the first song everyone heard off the album proves that he has a lot more great songs to come, and that the rest of his album would have the same theme of working to have a lot of power in the music and pop industry. …show more content…

He “goes for the grandeur of stadium rock, the all-devouring sonics of hip-hop, the erotic gloss of disco, and he goes for all of it” (Sheffield, 2010). In My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he used inspiration from hip-hop, r&b, “alien electronics,” and even had an Elton John Piano solo. This album was influential because it “built upon mixtape culture by reflecting the practice with the production of his album” (Garcia 2013, p. 32). In the first decade of the 21st century, Kanye West created the best popular music of any American artist (Graves 2014, p. 3). Kanye continues to prove his arrogance, where he “slowly strings along track after track over months at a time, responding and changing his music as responses are blogged and status-updated” (Garcia 2013, p.

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