Mortal Consequences Summary

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In Mortal Konsequences by Marnie KO, it talks about the violence in video games and how it has affected children’s behavior. In this article he addresses Dr. Craig Anderson’s research about the effects of violent video games. He also talks to a mother and she states: “It appeals me to watch kids sit for five hours playing video games. They have all this pent-up energy afterwards, and then parents wonder why their kids have behavioural problems.” Marnie KO focuses on one main statement, “Violent video games have definitely had an influence on the increased violence in children.” Kids learn by modelling. The more kids play violent video games, the less time they spend doing more productive things. One in every five adolescents could be classified as pathologically dependent on video games. Dr.Anderson conducted a study that involved 225 college students aged 18 to 25. His study had students with a history of game-playing and students with little to no history in game-playing. The study showed that the students that had the history of game playing scored lower marks in school and …show more content…

Children spending hours upon hours staring at a screen blowing people into a million pieces or shooting people in the head, is affecting their personality and their point of view on the world. Even when they aren 't playing a violent video game physically, mentally they are still playing. Children are allowed to pretend, in the most vivid way possible, that they are professional killers. In When Killing is a Game by Men’s Health, it brings to light Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who were involved in the massacre at Columbine high. They were huge fans of the game Doom.They also mentioned, James Holmes, the man who opened fire in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, Killing twelve people and injuring fifty eight. He told one person that during the shooting he felt as though he was in a video

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