Most Important Events In Golden Goblet By Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw

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Golden Goblet: Most Important Event

The novel called Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw entertains readers with a story about a young boy named Ranofer in ancient Egypt who wants to become a goldsmith, but is older half-brother does not want him to. Ranofer tries to uncover his half-brother’s evil actions. The most important event in this novel would be when Ranofer finds a stolen goblet in Gebu’s box. There are multiple reasons such as. It kicks off all the main conflict, the whole book is about this event, and it leads Ranofer into thinking about what Gebu is doing. Ranofer finds the goblet on p. 166.

Accordingly the first reason is it kicks off the main conflict. Also as soon as they find the golden goblet, everything starts changing for Ranofer. You can tell because at first when Ranofer did not know Gebu posessed the goblet, there was nothing suspicious. When Ranofer did find it, he noticed Gebu started doing some suspicious things. These things include Gebu suddenly leaving in the middle of the night, acting different, and even coming home one night completely drunk. Ranofer does start taking notice of this and it takes him quite some thought to decide if he is going to do something. He finally decides to do some things, but not very much. …show more content…

You can tell this by looking at the way everyone acts in the book. Ranofer might sneak off to spy, Gebu got slightly worse, but gave Ranofer a few extra coppers. Ranofer hears Gebu getting upset with a person that probably worked with him. Events also start to unfold in finding out about Gebu and how he is working with Wenamon. Everything starts going wrong. Ranofer gets chased by a cat or kheft. Heqet hears more rumors about things being stolen. Everything is starting to get complicated. On p. 169-the rest of the novel problems start happening, whether it’s spying, or sneaking around, or trying to find the goblet,

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