Music Therapy Intervention Essay

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Music therapy interventions are effective as music stimulates parts of the brain occupied by creativity. It has stood the test of time to confirm that humans respond to music. This makes sense as music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. Which is why music has so much potential in its ability to affect the brain and change the way people think. Musicians understand how different sounds play off each other and the effect that it has on the body at a deep level. Often jazz musicians or orchestral musicians are so engulfed in the music that they just feel it and they can’t really explain what that means, but the music just takes them and it becomes clear what they need to do. Music is one of those things that is so …show more content…

For example, if a scene came on television where two people were standing in the rain and they kiss, exchange glances, then walk away while Whitney Houston 's I will always love your plays in the background, some people might say this was a happy scene in which two people who loved each other shared a moment. If this same scene were to happen and instead Celine Dion 's, my heart will go on plays in the background, then it might be concurred that this is a sad scene about two people who care for each other parting ways. The only difference in these scenes is the music used and the way in which it caused the audience to have a different perspective about what the scene was trying to portray. This same principle applies to music therapy interventions and the type of music that is selected affecting the way patients respond to it and the overall effectiveness of the intervention. When patients listen to music that is familiar to them their brain unconsciously analyzes the song and recognizes aspects about the song that causes them to have some sort of interaction with it. As any music therapist knows not all patients respond the same way and they don’t all respond at the same time. A patient might tap their foot, while another patient may clap their hands or just sing along to the

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