Mustard Oil Case Study

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I. Mustard Oil
II. Potato
Mustard Oil was procured from the local market of Hansi. Potato is also procured from Hansi market. All chemicals used in this study were of analytical grade.
Effect of repeated frying on quality of edible oil (mustard) was evaluated by estimating the free fatty acid content, peroxide value, viscosity and color analysis. 1-liter oil was taken in open pan for heating followed by frying of products (potato slice: 40 gm). There were four types of samples: S1 (only oil), S2 (oil + potato slice), S3 (oil + potato slice + 50 PPM BHT) and S4 (oil + potato slice + 75 PPM BHT). Out of these four samples, frying was carried out only in three cases while one sample was heated continuously for two hours without any sample.
In case of frying, initially 1-liter mustard oil was heated up to 180oC in an open pan. 40 gm potato slice were fried after attainment of 180oC. Frying was continued till three minutes; later oil was kept heated (12-14 min.) to retain 180oC. Further 40 gm fresh potato samples were fried at similar condition. This cyclic process was continued for eight frying in a day. After 8th frying oil sample was collected for analysis.
Whole process was carried out for six days. On day 2nd remaining oil of first day (8th frying) was again heated up to 180oC and fresh potato slice were fried for 3 min. Rest of procedure was similar to day 1st operation. In this way 2nd sample of oil was collected after 16th frying

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