Mutual Nonaggression Pact Essay

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(Not passionate about ideas and books, just want the grade. JOB) Learning how to think also influences students to find what they are passionate about, that is more then grades. Without this passion, students cannot succeed as well as they want, and be happy. This lack of passion in elite student’s starts with a ‘mutual nonaggression pact.’ is created “so students want to do as little as possible. Professors are rewarded for research” (Deresiewicz 64). This pact impacts student standards of learning, not in a sense that they are learning, but the loss in passion for what they learn, is lost. Attending an elite schools allows students to really do whatever they want or find their vocation, “it means the thing you’re called to do” (Deresiewicz 90). This idea comes from…show more content…
They are told ‘“that they can be whatever they want,” but what they choose ends up being the same as their peers “(Deresiewicz 20). Students flock towards the most popular majors, political science, economics, and English when decided on a major. Now why are none of these student’s school teachers, or artists? It is because these students have no idea what they want to do, they just continue jumping through the hoops. They fail to ‘find your [their] passion,’” because the whole school processes do not allow them to (Deresiewicz 11). They have been told that they have to go to the best school, to be the best, from a young age. Then they come to school and have millions of options for graduate school in any field in the labor force. The problem with telling them to find their passion is that “most of us do not know how and that is precisely how we arrived at Yale, by having a passion for success”’ (Deresiewicz 11). After graduation, they choose jobs that are incredible, but the student becomes miserable because the school failed to prepare them to find their
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