Mr. Shimerda's Role In My Antonia

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In the book "My Antonia" by Willa Cather, one of the most dramatic parts of of the story is when Mr. Shimerda begs Jim to "Te-e-ach, te-e-ach my Antonia". This quote is actually a very huge favor Mr. Shimerda is asking of Jim. He is asking him to teach his daughter to learn how to speak the American language. He wanted the best for his daughter, and believed that she needed to learn how to speak the language effectively so she could be successful and knowledgeable and this would provide her more opportunities than he had. He only wanted the very best for his daughter.
I believe that Jim learned more from Antonia even though Antonia was the one that was supposed to be learning from Jim. Jim 's job was to teach Antonia, however, as more time
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Even through all of the hardships, Antonia was able to stay positive and upbeat and handle all of the challenges she was presented. Antonia was also portrayed as strong-willed throughout her journey. Even when Mr. Shimerda committed suicide, Antonia did not give up. She set her life, future and goals aside and worked long and hard days in the field to help support her family through the the hard and rough times of living their lives as immigrants on the prairie.
"School is all right for little boys. I help make this land one good farm." This quote from Antonia showed us how she sacrificed for her family. This statement is one she made to Jim when Jim suggested that Antonia attend school. She was the kind of person that knew it was necessary for her to make that ultimate sacrifice for the well-being of her family.
After Antonia made the statement about making the land a good farm, there is a silence between her and Jim and then Antonia cries. She cries because she realizes that she has been put in a position to have to work almost like a slave just to get by. She realizes she must sacrifice all of her opportunities to learn and go to the schoolhouse just so her family can
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