My Hero's The Journey-Personal Narrative

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The Journey My story begins with me being in the 4th grade. It was a bright yet cloudy day when we were outside for recess. My class has some of the worst people ever. There’s a guy named Wayne who won’t leave me alone only when he found out I was talking to his “girlfriend”. He would make fun of me and have his “friends” push me around like a dog. And one day I got mad, and hit him. Right in the round-tables!! I was so proud of myself, I laughed so hard. But anyway, I never messed with any other guys girlfriend after that. I learned my lesson. Then in the 8th grade, I started falling for Carrie Clearwater. I finally got talking to her when she started talking to my best friend Shawn Brown. He’s a good guy, but he can be a real player. And I feel bad for Carrie. She can’t see that. She’s so caught up in liking him she can barely concentrate. But besides freaking out over Carrie, and worrying about her, I freak out and worry about my guitars. I started playing when I took my older brothers’ guitar and broke the strings off it. I was twelve. He almost got in trouble for hitting me, but that’s besides the point. …show more content…

So I can finally write my own music. It’s one of my most favorite hobbies. I write everyday and play a bit each and everyday. Taking pictures is another one of my hobbies. It was a cold sunny morning in San Francisco when I was walking to the studio. I almost always go to the coffee shop every morning, and get an espresso. I thank Mandy (the sweet lady who takes my order every time). And I tip her. And leave. It was a Tuesday when I almost got ran over, but it was made up after seeing a very old friend of mine. It had been so many years since I’d seen her. She was my high school crushes best friend. Her name is Anna. “Hey.” I walked up to her and

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