My Life, Happiness, Love, And Emotions In Movies

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Personal statement

Happiness, fear, confusion, love, hate, a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, these are the emotions I feel when I watch a movie that I really like. Since the first film I can remember to watch I was mesmerized by the details, the imagines, the soundtrack and by the characters. They made me realize that this is what I want to do all my life, to create a form of art with sound and images. I want to be a part of this world, a world full of emotions, as I can not imagine my life without movies because I had a lot to learn from them, films made me live another life, be a different person with every story I had watched and felt.
First of all, when I was just a little girl I used to write short stories and turn them into a play with my friends. Also, I liked watching movies with my dad and I used to ask him a lot of questions about what was happening and how the film was made to make me feel all kinds of emotions. I want to know what a movie goes through to be what the rest of us see. Every time I read a book I would use to imagine how a film based on the book would look like and how I could make this movie a must-see in order to make people feel what I felt reading the book, to transmit the feelings I had with images, not only words.
When it comes to my personality, I can say that I am a sensitive person, I care about every single little thing and I use to empathize with everyone. I also like to work on group projects, as it makes me feel good about

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