My Life In Haiti

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I was born in a really poor place in the Caribbean called Haiti. When I was 9 years old, my family moved to the United States, because I was doing things I am not proud of. Later on, I went back to Haiti after an earthquake ravaged my homeland and left nothing, but destruction and sadness in the people’s lives. Some of my family were also still there. I called them to ask them how they were and to make sure they weren’t hurt. My family was safe and none of them died, but in some ways I was still unhappy with the look of the people, nation, and the land. It was really not a good time for me. I planned with my family to help them as much as I was able. Damage was everywhere. I was only ten or eleven years old and the earthquakes were still happening, so I couldn’t stay in Haiti for long. Haiti is a very poor nation and I experienced many very bad things in my life while I lived there. I was afraid all this might bring others and me down, so I always tried to stay positive, but bad things can always happen. That’s the way it always seemed to be in my life. If you look at the biggest Haiti disaster, it is the earthquake. My family and I were safe, but not the rest of the country. I was so happy the earthquake didn’t happen where my dad’s side of the family lives, because I already have seen too many bad things in front of my eyes. I have witnessed too much destruction, pain, and suffering. I was already in the United States when I saw what happened. I was thinking that some of …show more content…

The earthquakes were really hard for me to hear about and see what they were left with. They don’t have to have the best in the world, but I don’t want the worst for them either. I appreciate what the U.S government and the U.S military has done and is still doing for Haiti. They have been good humanitarians with all the helped they have extended to Haiti throughout the 2000’s. I want my homeland to be

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