My Music: My Love Of Music In My Life

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When I'm in my car, driving down the road with the sun in my hair and the windows rolled down, I don't reach for the radio and turn on Top Hits. Instead, I play the classics, arguably the best music that came out of the 20th century: The Grateful Dead, the Bee Gees, Jimmy Buffett, some reggae, perhaps some First Wave or 80s hits, all the best that fit my mood driving down the Colorado highway from the Rocky Mountains to Denver. Music has always been a prevalent part of my life. My family loves music, although its members may not be the most musically talented. The songs and sounds of artists we love permeate every family gathering. James Taylor marks the beginning of a relaxing night in of take-out and board games. John Denver closes a dinner…show more content…
It’s impossible for me not to jam out as hard as I can while scrubbing the dishes and shouting the lyrics to “Dancing Queen”. My love of this music is not something new--when Lilly and I were toddlers, our uncle and aunt were in a band called George Glass that covered the likes of Abba and the Bee Gees. I became introduced to the music that is mine to listen to when I need to be sent back to that place of innocent youth--to the car rides before I could drive, when I was over the moon because my dad had only just allowed me to sit in the passenger seat and not the boring back seat, even though, he still kept child lock for the windows turned on. Before I knew Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers, I knew nearly every hit from the great Swedish band that dominated 70s music.
Every summer, my dad’s side of the family drives up to stay for a week in a log cabin just big enough for thirteen people on Squam Lake in New Hampshire, and music is a pivotal part of the experience. The week begins with a drive down the winding two-lane roads of New Hampshire. We turn on The Bridge radio station, which plays the best of Tom Petty, Cat Stevens, and Fleetwood Mac. The music is calm and peaceful, completely the opposite of what the week ahead is going to

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