NHCOA Project Proposal

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The proposed project is relevant to CMS’s mission and programs because it is focused on improving health-related outcome among Hispanic older adults in relation to HIV/AIDS prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. The proposed project uses a proven intervention with a video component focused on providing linguistically, culturally and age-appropriate outreach and education to the Hispanic older adult community. Because of cultural and linguistic gaps with the larger population, this community is often not reached by most health educational and promotional efforts. This population is often severely socially isolated from the larger communities around it and is not reached by any prevention service efforts. This situation is also exacerbated …show more content…

In order to carry out an effective educational intervention, NHCOA will apply educational theory as a basis for education, basing it on several categories of design principles that are most applicable both to the target population and the goal of behavior change in relation to HIV/AIDS prevention and management. These design principles are relevant to the proposed research study and intervention as they deal with principles of adult learning …show more content…

Because Hispanic older adults are a particularly hard-to-reach and serve population because of their tendency to be socially isolated, it is imperative that such a tool be tested for effectiveness. Moreover, because Hispanic older adults are highly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and stigma and myths concerning the infection are common among Hispanics, it is necessary to use other tools, such as the proposed video, to effectively communicate and education in a sensitive and non-judgmental style about HIV/AIDS. Using videos as public health tools for Hispanic older adults has been successful in other arenas, providing the theoretical basis for testing a video focusing on HIV/AIDS. NHCOA has been successful in using a video to educate Hispanic older adults about Medicare fraud, for example, in its role in implementing the National Hispanic Senior Medicare

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