Hispanic Community Response Paper

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The Hispanic community encounters various barriers to treatment that lead them to not seek, drop out, or have less effective outcomes than other social groups when receiving treatment for substance use. Therefore, the access of treatment for Hispanic immigrants, documented or undocumented must improve. This section of the paper will introduce some ideas that research provides on how to improve access of treatment for the Hispanic community. One aspect that needs to improve is to increase the body of research about this population. Research addressing various types of interventions that are effective with the Hispanic population can be beneficial to develop a more effective treatment approach for substance use disorder in the Hispanic community (Alvarez et al. 2007; Amaro et al., 2006). There is little research on recovery treatment with effective outcomes for the Hispanic community. Having more research that focused on the Hispanic community and their needs as they participate in substance abuse treatment can be beneficial to inform counselors, agencies, and the general population on how to better serve the Hispanic community. To add up, Amaro et al. (2006) suggested that more funding should go to research dedicated to producing scientific evidence about treatment of substance use in the Hispanic community. In …show more content…

Addressing the specific values and needs of the Hispanic community can create more engageable and effective treatment for the Hispanic community. Alvarez et al. (2007) suggested that research should exist about the influence of cultural affiliation on treatment access, retention, and outcomes of substance use treatment among the Hispanic community. Culture and community are an important aspect of the recovery for the Hispanic community. Considering the influence of the culture in Hispanic clients can facilitate their

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