Narrative Essay On Meningitis

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“My Story”

June 25th,1999 Alexandria, Kentucky. 6:30 am was the day that filled my mom with fear and panic. Right when I was born my mom knew there was something wrong with me. I was not breathing and I was turning a bluish purplish color. Moments after being born I was already close to being dead. As the doctors sprinted out of the delivery room with me. My mom’s face filled with fear, confusion and panic. Not knowing what was going on or where they were taking me she started to question the nurses.

“EXCUSE ME!! NURSE” my mom screamed lifting herself in an upright position on the hospital bed.

“ Yes, what can I do for you? Everything okay?” asked the nurse in a very pleasant calming voice.

Very scared and furious my mom yelled raising her voice, “ YOU ARE ASKING ME IF EVERYTHING IS OKAY? WELL THE ANSWER TO THAT IS NO, NOT …show more content…

Meningitis is caused by a “weak immune system, fungi and any bacterial virus” ( ). As a young baby I was more at risk for Meningitis because I am a twin. Many twins are known to come early than their expected due date. Because I came a month early my mom never got the results back from the meningitis test she took just weeks before. If I was not born early, The doctors could of saved me from being born with meningitis.

Around the age two I was put in a big red shiny ambulance. I was on my way to the hospital because, I was having symptoms of high fevers, vomiting, seizures. These were all symptoms and signs of meningitis. My mom being and experience parent never realized these were the symptoms. She had only had my brother at this time and he was a perfectly normal healthy little kid. The whole meningitis thing was a totally different path to her and my family. No only did she have to watch my twin, but she had to watch me extra

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