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Author’s Purpose: Dedication “The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice.” This is a quote by Nathan W. Morris explaining his personal beliefs about what success is made of. The key term to this is dedication as well as hard work. This being said, the common author’s purpose found in all of the pieces of nonfiction literature we studied in this unit is dedication. The definition of dedication is to devote wholly and earnestly to a certain person or purpose. This trait is important to the people studied in this unit because of the way they all were committed to their cause and determined to follow through despite great obstacles and challenges that got in the way. This is seen by striving …show more content…

This group consisted of nine African American teenagers who strived to integrate an all white public school in an extremely racist area in the South. In order to achieve this, the nine had to face both verbal and physical harassment. “No matter what, I knew I had to stand up to them even if I got kicked out of school for doing it.” The students knew what they were doing was important, but also that they needed to keep safe in order to achieve the set goal. The dedication to school was seen in the most extreme sense when they were being bullied. It was in those times that the nine truly proved how committed to getting a better education they were. One of the nine, Melba Pattillo Beals, wrote a book about her time in the school explaining how difficult of a task it truly was. “I didn’t know how to tell her how right she was. But then I couldn’t tell her I had had the kind of day that was making me think about running away where nobody could find me.” Though she did continue her schooling there, this explains why the Little Rock Nine wanted to stay committed. They did not want to let their families know about the struggles they were facing in hopes of keeping their faith high. The Little Rock Nine showed immense dedication in extremely difficult

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