National Black Nurses Association Mission Statement

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The National Black Nurses Association, also known as NBNA, was organized in 1971 under the leadership of Dr. Lauranne Sams. Dr. Sams was the former Dean and Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee and Alabama. The non-profit organization represents 150,000 African American registered nurses; licensed vocational/practical nurses, nursing students and retired nurses from the USA, Eastern Caribbean and Africa. They have 90-chartered chapters, in 35 states (The National Black Nurses Association, 2014).
The NBNA mission is “To represent and provide a forum for black nurses to advocate for and implement strategies to ensure access to the highest quality of healthcare for persons of color.” This mission statement differs …show more content…

Currently the NBNA has an obesity initiative in effect. The NBNA President, Dr. Debra A. Toney, states that the chapters has given a health screening and health education programs in their communities for obesity. Dr. Toney states that she wants to understand and get to the heart of the health care disparities, being overweight, and obesity. “Obesity is a preventable disease. We need to make sure that all of us have healthier lifestyle habits. We are going to start with our membership and in the communities where we live and work (Dr. Debra A. Toney, …show more content…

The nursing practice is designed around care for patients. Obesity is an huge factor is causing multiple diseases for patients. Nurse’s main goal is to create a healthy and safe environment for the patient. Reducing obesity among minorities and children will help nurses across the country provide the environment needed for maintain patients state healthy and safe in their everyday living. Nurses’ role also includes one-on-one support and interventions regarding nutrition and lifestyle. The primary goal for the client is a 10% reduction in body weight, followed by a further decrease if necessary (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 1998). In 2007, Brown et al said that there is potential in primary care nursing to help patients manage obesity through evidence-based protocols, such as following a structured program based on a holistic needs

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