Native American Settlers

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Native Americans had been a part of the New World way before the settlers ever made their way to America. One of the larger groups of Native Americans discussed during this time frame was The Iroquois. The Native Americans learned new things from the colonist. They learned new ways of doing things along with the settlers advanced technology that they brought with them. However, all was not always good between the groups.
Interactions with the different groups of settlers and the Native Americans often differed from place to place, according to the climate, the economic factors, and the political views of the people from the area. However, Native Americans were not considered equals by most because they had different religion, housing, dress, and ways of life.
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These new settlers knew that Native Americans would be important, in order for them to be successful in the new land. Europeans wanted to convert Native Americans to Christianity. The Europeans looked for ways to gain economic control and they thought that religion with play an important role in this.
Disease and infection were a huge problem for the Native American people after the settlers came. The Native Americans had never been exposed to these types of infections and diseases before and experience a decrease in their population as family members died from this.
For example, the smallpox vaccination was often thought of as a threat by the Native American people. Even in 1796 when Edward Jenner’s demonstration showed how the vaccine helped, the Native Americans still often refused it. They thought it was a way for the “white” people to harm them. After many natives refused to receive the vaccine several died. This was the case when in 1831, the government vaccinated the Yankton Sioux at Sioux Agency. The Santee Sioux did not allow the government to vaccinate them and several

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