Navy Language Reflection

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Through the course of my life, I lived in many parts of the country and travelled many foreign countries. I experienced many different cultures, dialects and languages. This reflection led me to realize that my life and who I am was influenced but the dialects and languages I spoke. Though some of the languages were very similar, they were different enough that the words have different meanings in different places. Dialects between the Southern and Northern United States are different enough to be another language, as with the language that the military uses. Reflections About My Language
And the Influence It Had on Me
English is my native language. I speak Southern English naturally. I had the great opportunity to live and travel all over the world, and I have many observations on languages. I grew up in Northern California, the son of a father from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a mother from Graceville, Florida. Though English was my natural …show more content…

We not only learned the Navy language, but we lived it. All our interactions involved our new language, and it became a lifestyle. I found Navy language not terribly difficult, mostly due to being raised by a military father and many books on the subject that I read. For some men in the company, it was difficult to learn. In the military, ineffective communication can have tragic consequences. I feel my Navy language and culture has had the most influence on me. In my interactions since joining the Navy, I have paid attention to how others spoke and was proper terminology used correctly. I learned to establish opinions on Sailors based on how they spoke. It showed highly on their character if they learned and used the language correctly. Clear, concise verbal communication between everyone, at all times, is a must. And during times of emergency, lives sometimes entire crews could be lost. My navy language became a large part of who I am

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