Pros And Cons Of Overfishing

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Have you ever stopped and wondered about the sea’s biological system? That’s probably a no. Ever since humans been on the Earth, they have been taking advantage of the abundance of species living in the Ocean. With this, has come overfishing. Overfishing has drastically changed marine environments in many ways, species have gone extinct, and environments have depleted. If overfishing continues to occur our society won’t have the marine life that we are very dependent on.
Ever since the 11th century, overfishing has been a problem. Many fishermen have overused local and regional ecosystems, which led to destruction.This resulted in a major reduction of stocks in fish and marine mammals. After destroying one ecosystem, the fishermen would
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The oceans economy provided more than 2.7 million jobs and contributed more than $258 billion to the GDP of the United States in 2010. The ocean economy supports employment two and a half times larger than other natural resources industries. Approximately 5.4 million jobs in 2010 were directly and indirectly supported by the ocean with their total contribution estimated at $633 billion. More than a billion jobs around the world supported by ocean economies. It’s perceptible that the ocean’s economy is really important, however but due to overfishing, it is costing many people their jobs. An example of this is, in 1992 when the cod stocks in Newfoundland have depleted to the point where the fisheries had to close down. 40,000 people were put out of work due to the low stocks. At first, it was supposed to be a two- year closure to let the cod replenish. After those two years, there wasere even less cod. This shows the impacts of overfishing is there isn’t anything done about it. ffishermen aren’t willing to give up their jobs for long enough to allow this to happen. Even the threat of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs lost every year has done little to stop this damaging

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