The Pros And Cons Of Banning International Whaling

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Whaling is a business that many people believe belongs in the past. Although it is going on in more countries inside and outside the international whaling commission (IWC) than is generally recognised. Public debates have given the impression that we only find this activity in Japan, Iceland and Norway. Whaling is a senseless act that needs to be stopped.

Once it came to light the number of whales being killed was putting the whale populations under threat, a ban was introduced. This ban was introduced by the body that controls whaling - International Whaling Commission. Many still argue against the ban for whaling. Countries such as Japan, Iceland and Norway want to uplift this ban that is stopping them from whaling. The simple fact of it …show more content…

Therefore this makes whale hunting unimaginable. To this day whale hunters still use the same methods as they did in 1946. These methods were inhumane and devastating. They use exploding harpoons to catch and haul the whales in and many high powered rifles to finish them off. Unfortunately this still does not capture the violence of a whale hunt. Whales are pursued till exhaustion overtakes them, then harpooned. Harpoons are not always fatal. This means they can be harpooned many more times. Wounded, they are then dragged onto the whaling vessel . On the vessel the whales are the speared or shot multiple times with high powered rifles. Whales are able to slow their breathing and heart rate, so many that appear dead are still conscious and feel immense pain. Eventually the whales die of suffocation. Dr Lillie a ship 's physician on a whale expedition in 1946 said, “The gunners themselves admit that if whales could scream, the industry would stop, for nobody would be able to stand it.” This statement clearly tells us that this act against whales is so cruel, if they had a voice people would not be able to handle the things being said. For it would be to honest people would think they were lying.

Whaling is causing a negative effect on the world. It is endangering an already endangered species and using excessive force against something that is not able to fight back. Whalers are also claiming to

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