How Important Are High School Sports

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How helpful are High School Sports? High school sports are becoming more and more popular than they ever have been. Athletes are being pushed to more limits, asked to do more, and are expected to perform better every game. Participating in a sport is a major key that keeps teenagers out of trouble. Participating in a sport keeps kids off the street, encouraged them to make good grades, and gives them hope at a better future. Sports are very important to many teenagers. Playing a sport requires a kid to dedicate their time to bettering himself. If kids did not participate in a sport they would have to much free time on their hands, and start doing things they shouldn’t. Instead of running sprints, lifting weights, and preparing themselves for a long season they could be walking the streets, drinking, doing drugs, stealing, or just simply wasting their life away. To be eligible to play a sport a teenager must attend class and make good grades. If they do not do this the school will not allow them to play. Sports encourage students to receive a proper education so they can play the sport they love. Also, many teenage athletes come from a rough home life. Playing a sport gives them hope that they can get away from the poor home life they grew up in. Just imagine if one kid can make the NFL, NBA, or the MLB. They have the opportunity to give…show more content…
These are not bad ways for students to spend their time after school. When a teenager is babysitting their younger siblings they are not out walking the streets causing trouble. A job is a great way for teenagers to occupy themselves after they leave school. Working also helps build social relationships, life skills, and it helps teenagers get a financial background behind them. A job helps teenagers stay away from trouble, build responsibility, and makes them feel a sense of

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