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Have you ever wanted to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana? This incredible city offers many tourist attractions like The French Quarter, Carousel Gardens, City Park, and Mardi Gras. New Orleans is one of the most gorgeous and alive cities in the world. If you 're looking for a beautiful, breathtaking city, then this is the place for you.
New Orleans, Louisiana offers visitors incredible experiences that they will never forget. Come on down to New Orleans’s Carousel Gardens for affordable family fun! The famous carousel has been loved by millions of people that “the animals of the carousel need to be repainted every two years” (D). Imagine riding on one of the last 100 carousels to be hand-carved in the United States! Besides the carousel, there is still some other great rides for families. For just $17, people are able to ride all of rides as many times as you want. (A ). There are 16 other rides that people can enjoy. In conclusion, Carousel Gardens is a great place to create amazing memories one never forget. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel of New Orleans is a great place to stay that is only 3.7 miles away from Carousel Gardens. Built in 2000, this hotel is located in the heart of New Orleans. Prices vary from the type of hotel room but the lowest price is around …show more content…

Built in 2000, Emeril’s is famous for its creole inspired cuisine. Main courses range from $15 to $18. The restaurant offers 7 delicious appetizers to choose from, all recipes from head chef, Chef Emeril (D). Emeril’s is one of the most delicious places to eat in all of New Orleans. Not only is all of the food great, but their are many great things about this restaurant. “Complimentary valet parking is available at the front desk for no additional cost. No need to dress all fancy, Emeril’s has a casual dressing policy! In conclusion, Emeril’s is a great place to enjoy a well priced meal during lunch or

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