Night By Elie Wiesel Compare And Contrast

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The books Night by Elie Wiesel and The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy are both books about the holocaust. Though they are based off of the same event, they are quite different in many ways, just like they are the same in others. The book Night is about a boy and his father who are Jewish and are forced to go to a concentration camp. This book is mostly about what it was like in the concentration camps and how the characters suffered. The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, on the other hand, is about two Jewish kids who are separated from their parents and find a old lady to help them. This book is what it was like for the Polish and Jewish people outside of the camps. These books both are about tragedies that happen to the characters, they’re loss of faith, and if in doing those things it was a good thing for their abusers. In Night, Eliezer Wiesel and his family are forced into a concentration camp. He is separated from his mother and three sisters,but his father is …show more content…

They were not feed well, but not to the same extent as Elie was, they were not beaten or worked like he was either. They were instead, forced to do whatever the Germans told them to, if a German told they to jump, they would jump, not ask questions. Nelka is one example of this, she is forced to strip naked and allow the SS officer to dope off her blood. While he is doping off of her, he orders her to sit in a chair above him so he can ‘see her’. The SS officer then told her ‘you’re a lucky girl, Nelka. I could become quite fond of you.’( Murphy, pg. 164) like that was something she should live to do, but the only thing on her mind was running away with her baby and Telek. She knew that she would never do that though, because they would kill the village, and her. The Nazi’s controled everything and if you tried to defy them they would kill you and your village, just to make a

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