Night Circus Book Report

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Night Circus Is a whimsical fantasy book that takes place in the 18 and 1900’s primarily in New York. However, the mysterious circus moves spontaneously to different cities like London and Paris. This novel for young adults was written by Erin Morgenstern to entertain his young adult audience with a thrilling, page-turning story about the peculiar Cirque des Rêves (Circus of Dreams). After the death of her mother, Celia; a five-year-old girl that is left in the care of her father, Prospero the Entertainer. With Celia’s newly discovered magical abilities, Mr. AH, Prospero’s old teacher, is challenged to a duel by Prospero himself which he agrees to. He trains Marco Alisdiar; an orphan that is eventually hired by Chandresh Cristophe Lefevre at the age of 18 to work for him in his mysterious circus. Celia Bowen is also hired by Chandresh. This circus, however, is not like an ordinary circus because, in this one, the members battle each other to impress their audiences. Marco and Celia must battle together …show more content…

The time period within the novel is constantly changing from the past to present, which I did not like, because since read inconsistently, I had to go back into previous chapters to refresh my memory. This book was an enjoyable read. It was necessary to pay close attention in order to keep up with the plot and the changing time periods in every chapter. It is a perfect book for young adults and teens that enjoy books of fantasy and romance. Night Circus was a book that kept me so immersed in the story that I wanted to read it all in one sitting. However, this would not be possible because it is a little lengthy. I recommend reading this when the weekly schedule is not so convoluted. I overall liked this book, and I would probably pick it up again to give it a second read a few months from

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