Night Theme Analysis

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What Is a Theme? How does it relate to Literature? The theme is based on the human experience, regardless of race and language. It allows the readers to discover the trials and tribulations of the characters. The theme is connected to the protagonist’s internal journey. It ties to the character’s anxieties and desires while giving readers something to care about and someone to support. It allows readers to relate to the characters and their struggles and to feel invested in the outcome of their life. Throughout literature books like A Streetcar Named Desire, Hamlet, and Night , have shown us that theme can transcend time and culture. Themes like Internal conflict , discrimination, and insecurity all relates in different countries and different …show more content…

To be religious is to have a strong belief or a strong connection to a personal god. Most spiritual people possessed qualities of love, mercy, generosity and kindness. The Jews were discriminated against because of their religion.The religion of the Jewish people is Judaism, they believe in one God, which they pray to.They also teach that God is spiritual and not physical. More than 6 million of the Jews died during the holocaust. In Night, Elie shows us and describe the harsh treatment they were faced with because of their ethnicity and religion. In the beginning the Jews weren’t treated differently because of their religion, there was no anti-Semitic laws. After Hitler started conquering parts of Europe the Gestapo being treating the Jews differently. All the Jews that live in the different parts of Europe that was in Hitler’s control were also discriminated against not only those that were in Germany. They were treated badly because they did not fit into the “Aryan Race” the Germans felt they were superior while the Jews were inferior. They felt like the Aryan were the most pure blood of all the people on earth. They aryan race consisted of pale skin, blue eyed and blonde people , while the Jews had dark brown or red hair. Some of the Jews had blonde hair too but they still were sent to the concentration camps because their ethnicity. The Sighets jews were forced to wear the yellow stars to publicly identify, humiliate, and isolate them. “The yellow star? So what? It’s not lethal, Poor Father! Of what then did you die? (Wiesel, 11) Many believed the yellow star marked their death. They moved all the Jews to the ghetto where they could no longer travel freely and curfew was enforced into place. They were treated like animals as they piled 80 into the cattle cars.“Anyone who still owns gold, silver, or watches must hand them over now. Anyone who will be found to have

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