No. 51 And The Bill Of Rights Essay

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These two pieces were created to calm fears that the Constitution as a document was flawed and might lead to abuses of power or become so unstable as not to function. There were many issues that the constitution needed to address, that the articles of confederation did not and other types of government did not either. The Federalist Papers No. 51 and No. 10 and the Bill of Rights explain these issues and solutions. The Federalist Papers No. 51 and No. 10 explain the issues of the weak national government that was in the articles of confederation. “Liberty which is essential to its existence, the other, by giving to every citizen the same opinions, the same passions, and the same interests.” One of the many issues is the ability that religion …show more content…

In the first three amendments issues such as “quartering troops” and “freedom of speech” are all prime examples of how the British had such an impact on how the country formulated its constitution. The problems with the “quartering troops” was during the times of war when the colonists and the British were at war, British troops were sent to live with colonists by force. They were clothed, fed, and given a place to sleep. A solution to fix this was when writing The Constitution, to write in that the newly formed United States citizens were not going to let them in and shelter them, forcibly. Freedom of speech was already a limited thing when it came to the British when they were in control of the colony, you couldn’t breathe a word of defiance, or anything negative about England without risking prosecution from the British authority. When the United States was a free nation, they made it their number one priority (amendment) that the freedom to speak how you will without fear of prosecution from government

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