Analysis Of Federalist No. 51 By James Madison

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Duvalois1 Kaitlyn Duvalois Professor Jorgensen PLS 135 September 25, 2015 Madison The United States Constitution is every Americans structured guideline to the rights and wrongs. We all basically go hand-in-hand everyday with the constitution whether we notice it or not. James Madison wrote the essay Federalist No. 51 (James Madison), in order to explain the basics of the American government at that time period, and they pretty much stuck. He explained how this structure would be ultimately represented. Madison described the usage and how exactly checks and balances would work in the end. As he wrote Federalist 51, he wanted a stronger, equal government and he set up more of basic structure than anything else. Madison also uses the comparison on men and angels, saying that we need a government, because …show more content…

51. However, he also wrote of how we must enable the government to enable the governed. Madison wanted structure; he thought as a society that would grow there needed to be some sort of power differential. He wanted diversity in the government’s structure. As a nation, we need a power break-up. Checks and Balances are what mostly keep the government afloat. If our government didn’t have checks and balances there would be complete chaos. The branches of government need to be separated; there would be a huge power struggle if there weren’t. Madison wrote in Federalist 51 of how much we need checks and balances to stop these power-seeking political masterminds rom turning the nations government into their own little project, god help us all if that happened. Madison wanted a separate but kind of equal political system, and in a way we have that. No branch really has more power than the other branch. As a whole the national government and even state level government work rather well together, and they should, we set an example to the not-so-well off countries’ we’re almost sort of a role model for the development of new

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