Nokia Supply Chain Analysis

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Supply Chain Management
Nokia has adopted supply chain management to improve customer satisfaction, as per report Nokia failed to provide after sales service and increase complaint from customers. Effective usage of supply chain management will improve cooperation between customers and suppliers; furthermore suppliers can easily meet the customer demands. Thus good relationship should maintain between customers and suppliers, which will increase to high efficiency. Suppliers should be able to adapt a wide variety of customers might arise and understand customer's situation to improve demand chain efficiency and lead high customer satisfaction. The demand and supply network should meet the growing demand of customers for their products. The
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The availability of service assurance is to control, monitoring, end-user service impact analysis, manage the problem or any incident might arise and eliminate the cause of the root. Quality service delivered should be efficient and solve maximum problem. To increase revenue of the buisness,better quality of service should be provided, as a result the goodwill of the product in the market will increase, reduce the opportunity of loss revenue caused by service interruption and ability to increase premium service for high customers. Service quality manager will ensure effectiveness of operational, business benefit and better quality of service is being offered to client, like higher service is being offered in term of network, eliminate complaint from customers and faster service restoration. Better network availability and corrective measures are being taken based on service…show more content…
The aim of nokia to satisfied and improve customers' demand and preferences, by using friendly application and vision of Nokia to connect people anywhere around the world. Moreover proactive measures has been carried out to minimise the impact might cause on environment. Hence during manufacturing of the product, usage efficiency of resources, energy, sustainable use of materials, smart packaging and creating environment service that would improve life style of people.Nokia has efficient and well trained employees to carry out research and development to create a concept and challenging innovation like recycled and innovative materials which might be help for manufacturers for future product

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