Nor Easters Case Study Summary

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Key Findings In analyzing Buckingham’s results, it calls out that a little over one in four Springfield residents did not attend a baseball game of any level professionally (Cespedes, 2009). I would have liked to see further questioning on this as to why they feel they have not seen a game. Was it that they didn’t have the funds to pay the minimum of $12 per person to see a Red Sox game, plus the traveling expenses? Was it that they weren’t interested at all? In having a little more in-depth explanation behind this question, would help Buckingham not only achieve the proper marketing for Nor’easters but make his job easier in defining the correct price point for each attendee. I was quite pleased to see that 23% of the responders purchased …show more content…

It is difficult to compete with basketball and football, as basketball is a shorter season and shorter game time. Football is almost “too big to fail” as it is America’s sport now and everyone wants a piece of that pie, especially Patriot football. Question twelve is a testament to how success and demand and skyrocket the price of a ticket. I am not speaking of the Nor’easter success, but the Red Sox, in which during their World Series winning 2007 season the difference between the cheapest ticket and the most expensive, dugout ticket was a difference of three thousand percent! The people don’t know the Nor’easters, so at best, 48% of the responders would pay 10% more between bleacher seats and club/dugout seats (Cespedes, 2009). If the product on the field improves, the radius of attraction expands beyond the town of Springfield and drives the price up. Lastly, the 56 to 44 percent of females to males in polling was surprisingly well-achieved. Guessing that that many of these females are mothers of one or more children, they really carry a heavy influence on decisions for the family as a whole, especially in determining family activities. I find that women provide a more candid response to most questions, especially involving the happiness of their children. If Buckingham can tap in to the motherly market in and providing

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