Norman Brinker's Leadership Style

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According to the case, the leadership style of Brinker is fit for the charismatic leadership style of influence based types of leadership. The charismatic leader is one who creates an atmosphere of motivation based on an emotional commitment to and identity with his or her vision, philosophy, and style on the part of followers.

Norman had high expectation that allowed him to bring customer service and satisfaction to a higher standard. The shared perspective and idealized vision make him a likable and honorable hero worthy of identification and imitation. For example, his thoughtful attention to the people for satisfying relationships leads to a comfortable, friendly, organization atmosphere and work tempo and his philosophy of Winners attract
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The leadership ability of Norman Brinker such creativity, innovation, flexibility, cognitive ability and fantastic knowledge for the business attracted goal oriented people who were committed to achieving the standards of above the board performance. On-going change enabled Norman Brinker to be creative and to lead others to the plane of success which he envisioned for his organization. He attracted successful people or people who wanted to be successful. The follower-ship he had was motivated and dedicated individuals who sought to make a difference. They chose to stand out and to “shine”. His follower-ship was inspired in his business strategies and…show more content…
For example, his leadership philosophy is “winners attract winners”. And he often uses his philosophy to influence his followers and peers to reach shared goals and develop a fantastic working culture of driven by integrity, team work, passion, and an unwavering commitment to making sure each and every guest has an enjoyable dining experience to maintain and control the well function of Brinker International. Undoubtedly, he is a successful team builder. Brinker is flexible. Brinker owns the ability to adapt to needs of followers and requirements of situations. For instance, he developed Brinker International as casual dining restaurant company, which shows his flexibility to adapt to the customers’ needs and also via culture building to maintain the excellent service and excellent

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