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Background 1. There are and could be numerous reasons that it was done in this manner. I believe one of the reasons was that it could be because the instructor wants the students to be familiar with Ryerson Library Database, which would be highly beneficial for us when it comes to finding other articles, books, or academic material in the future. Another reason could be because it is a legal issue which is explained in the question below. Lastly, it could be because students are relatively lazy, and it would be better if we learn how to use the resources that are given to us, so we wouldn’t have to complain about not being given enough information to do a project or assignment. 2. Copyright infringement is the main reason…show more content…
The purpose of the abstract is to give the reader a brief explanation of what is to come in a following article, paper, or any other academic work. The abstract is not to be confused for a summary, as it is meant to be a short, but an objective portrayal of the academic work.[1] They are important because it is the first thing the reader reads, making it a first impression. In most cases, it is the preshow of the in-depth work. It gives a chance for the reader to determine if they should continue reading the work, as it is the right material they were searching for, and if it is the right work the abstract briefly explains what they will find in the…show more content…
In most cases of any scientific paper or academic works, the abstract will answer the most basic question like; why/project the study was done, what was done in the study/project and in if so how, what was found in the project/study as in results/observations, what these findings might mean, if there was any. [1] 3. The authors exposed seedlings to two different Carbon dioxide levels, soil temperature, and light conditions for one growing season. The two Carbon dioxide levels were 392 µ to a 784 µ , the two soil temperature was 17 and 22 degrees Celsius, and the two light conditions were 100% and 30% of the original 100%. 4. The most important result from this experiment is that it suggested that the increase of Carbon Dioxide, will drastically increase the growth mountain maple in the covered (from the sun) parts in a forest, in the meantime any increase in the temperature of the soil will nullify the increase of light, as we know is to be the main ingredient for photosynthesis. 5. The authors do not use any citations in the

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