Nt1310 Unit 2 Case Study

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Question 1: To determine the result of whether the older you get the more income you earn can be created by examining the variables and which ones are interchangeable such as age, income, and number of years one has worked at a particular job. One could create a category from interval variables by constructing a frequency distribution from which a histogram can be drawn. A frequency distribution allows us to count the number of observations that fall into each of these three categories. Another way of knowing how these variables are related is by using a scatter diagram. My income depends on a number of years I have been working in the workforce which would be the dependent variable. The independent variable would be my age because it has …show more content…

To further refine my search I would sample two particular minority groups, specifically African-Americans and Latinos. I would make sure that I create a survey for this particular population that samples what characteristics would be important to them to have in order for recruitment to make the necessary changes to adapt to these students. There is a greater emphasis on the importance of tying a student’s major with a successful career path as well as providing career building opportunities with employers and alumni that will help attract and retain these students who do not seem to be filing these full-time positions. I would survey career preparation, core academics, affordability, and diversity of opportunities, flexibility, and understanding of culture. It is nice to know that there are firms that do go out and make inclusive efforts on behalf of minorities. To be representative the characteristics of my sample population have to match those of the entire target population. In this study, I have to make sure that the right variety of people is interviewed. If the sample is not representative it can be subjected to biases. It could be that with me picking only African Americans and Latinos I risk over-representing these groups while under-representing other minority groups which can be a valid argument. In order for this to be representative, I

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