Nt1310 Unit 3 Project Constraints

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Each project has its own unique attributes, but all projects share the same constraints. Scope, time and cost are the three constraints which can be found in every project. The “triple constraints” is the name given to identify the three constraints.
The scope identifies the requirements within a project which will be completed during the project and culminate into the final deliverable. Time is the time is takes to complete the project. Cost is the allotted budget required to complete the project. Cost includes material, resources, labor and any item within the project which has a cost associated with it.
The three constraints are interdependent and a change to one can affect the one or both of the other constraints. If more requirements are added to the scope of the project, then it is likely for the amount of time and cost to increase as well. If the time to complete a project is decreased, then some of the requirements in the scope may not be completed or
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The project has been started, the scope, cost and time have been established and the project is underway. The customer would like to have an additional feature added to the product, which changes the scope of the product. The new feature will take an additional week and 60 man-hours to develop. The customer feels the change will elevate the quality of the product. In this situation, the scope was changed and it caused an increase in time, cost and quality.
The triple constraints can be used as a means to determine if a project is successful, but it should not be the main factor. Meeting the time, cost and scope requirements of a project does seem to mean the project is a success, but if the customer is not happy with the quality is it really a success. Other factors like customer satisfaction, company objectives and a solid field of product adaption by customers should be added to the triple constraints to determine if the project is a

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