Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Project

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For my Personal Project topic, I chose to create a website or a mobile application for iOS by coding. I chose this in hope of successfully creating a social media website/app where students could enter their service activities and have fun doing it. They would be able to see what their friends have done as well as being able to post and sign up for new service activities. Administration could also use this as a record for points/hours (depending on the school). I would call this website/application ObServe. I chose this for my personal project because I have always been good with technology and enjoyed working with it. Also, every year since 7th grade, I have participated in the worldwide movement called Hour of Code. This past year, I instead helped kindergarten through third graders at my school participate in the …show more content…

I will be partially successful if I get half to most of it done. I will be a little successful if I get some to half of it coded. Lastly, I will be unsuccessful if I code none it some of the coding necessary for coding a website or application. Glitches are bound to happen and that is why there are updates to such things. I chose this to be my criteria because I know I am a beginner and I did not want to set myself up for too complicated of things to do.

My process journal helped me to record the problems that occurred in the process of this project. One of the biggest problems was my choice towards the beginning of the project to switch my idea from coding a website to coding an Apple based (iOS) application. Then, when I ran into a pretty unsolvable problem with that midway through, I decided to switch back to a website. The problem was that because of Apple’s new software update, El Capitan, the coding language Objective-C changes and the instructions in my book did not correspond to what was needed while I was coding, it did not match

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