Number The Stars Character Analysis Essay

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All About: Kirsti Johansen “ I wish I could have a cupcake,” she said. “A big yellow cupcake with pink frosting.” Kirsti Johansen is the youngest child of the Johansen family in Lois Lowry’s historical fiction book “Number the Stars”, a novel about the lives of the Danes, -both Christian and Jewish in World War 2. Kirsti dreams big dreams, such as big yellow cupcakes with pink frosting. She stands up to German soldiers and manages to stay happy and relax in any situation. She is a pretty interesting character. Other than that, she fights for what she wants, is an excellent communicator, and is fearless! I will prove that she is naïve, stubborn, but talkative by showing some evidence from the novel. As shown in the book, one of Kirsti’s main traits is naivety. For instance, as stated in the novel, “And he poked Annemarie’s book bag with his gun and then he grabbed my hair. -But I wasn’t scared. Annemarie was. And Ellen was. But not me!”(Lowry, 6). This was said by an excited Kirsti, whose excitement is shown by the exclamation mark at the end of the quote. Unlike her companions Annemarie and Ellen, Kirsti has no idea what is happening during World War 2. She doesn’t know enough information to be scared. She has no idea what is going on, which makes her naïve. Kirsti Johansen …show more content…

She can talk to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. For example, the author states: “Shhh. Don’t keep interrupting or I’ll never finish the story.” (Lowry, 11). An agitated Annemarie, while telling little Kirsti a fairy tale, told this to us. It proves that Kirsti has a lot to say, and like other chatterboxes, she cannot wait to say them. Therefore, she ends interrupting people. On the other hand, her talkative attitude also makes her an above-average communicator. Kirsti even manages to talk with the German soldiers. If there was one word to describe Kirsti, it would surely be

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