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Jean Russell of Michigan Insurance Company referred this file for medical case management. Instructions were given to meet with Flavia Tocco and assist with coordination of appropriate and related medical care, and identify needs to facilitate recovery. INTERVIEW SETTING I met Ms. Tocco at the St. John’s physical therapy department. Ms. Tocco was open to providing me information on her current and prior medical history. Ms. Tocco moves very slowly, is unable to pick items up from the floor. Ms. Tocco changes her position frequently when sitting. MEDICAL FACTORS Ms. Tocco was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle. They were T-boned on her side of the vehicle. Pictures of her vehicle showed the passenger side of the vehicle indented from the front …show more content…

Tocco verbalized understanding. She read and willingly signed the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form. ATTORNEY David Pontes, attorney was contacted on 4/4/17. He approved contact with his client. My contact information was provided. IMPRESSIONS Ms. Tocco had a recent cervical fusion in the healing phase just prior to the accident. This has impacted her recovery. She also reported having prior anxiety issues which have increased since the auto accident. The Official Disability Guidelines for Fractured ribs are 28 to 45 days, for a fractured clavicle is 38 to 53 days, for a pneumothorax is 27 to 55 days, for a cervical fusion is 76 to 140 days, low back pain with radiculopathy is 16 to 31 days, for TMJ is 10 to 24 days and for vertigo is 14 to 87 days. PLAN/ RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Contact Ms. Tocco every 2 to 4 weeks. Obtain an update on current medical status. 2. Attend the appointment with Dr. Morreale Neurosurgeon when made. Obtain an updated treatment plan. 3. Attend the appointment with Dr. Voci on 4/26/17. Obtain a current treatment plan. 4. Attend the appointment with Dr. Direzze when made to address current dental treatment

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