Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Case Study

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There are many types of depression disorders and pain disorders. The two I will be talking about are Somatic Symptom Disorder and Major Depression Disorder. The difference between the two is where Somatic a person complains about pain that no one can find and the other one is depression. In the article that I read about Michelle Adams, 51-year-old former hairdresser. She had gone to a psychiatric clinic. She seemed like a lady that was very unhappy and had a different way of seeing things in life. She had been suffering from unbearable back pain for the last 13 months. This happened after her fall when she had fallen and fractured her pelvis, coccyx, right elbow and three ribs. She had daily narcotic medication that only moderately helped her. She said that the doctors said that she could go back to work but she said that the doctors did not see what she was going through and that they though she…show more content…
One or more somatic symptoms that are distressing or result in significant disruption of daily…show more content…
She fits this well because of her substance usage of marijuana daily. We can rule out generalized anxiety disorder for this one because she shows no signs of distress of anxiety. Also another one she fits well with is Somatic Symptom Disorder 300.82 (F45.1). She has symptoms of being in pain for more than 6 months and no one can figure out what the actual cause is. Has been to multiple doctors and has had multiple treatments. With diagnosing her with Major Depressive Disorder doctors will have to try to find some type of medication that will help boost her energy. As for the diagnosis for Somatic Symptom Disorder she will have to remain on high dosages of medication until they find out what is really causing the

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