Nutritionist Career

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The purpose of careers within the biomedical sciences has always been to help better the well-being of society. Whether it’s a pharmaceutical scientist creating medicine, a nurse attending to a patient 's needs, or a nutritionist developing a diet for a client, they all work towards a healthy, better society. Apart from other careers in this field, nutritionists in particular consistently work towards this goal, as they constantly attempt to counter obesity and diseases that plague society. Generally speaking, nutritionists assess a client’s nutritional and health needs. For example, nutritionists will evaluate a client and based off of their findings, they devise a custom meal plan for that client(Dieticians and Nutritionists). This individualized approach is successful in teaching a client the proper …show more content…

Credentials typically required includes a bachelor 's degree in a health related field, along with the passing of a licensing examination which varies from state to state. Further, many employers favor an applicant with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credential (How to Become). The average salary for nutritionists with these credentials is $55,000 (Dieticians and Nutritionists). However, salary for nutritionists also varies based off of common factors such as location and years of experience (Nutritionist Salary). Furthermore, states such as California, and Maryland have very high average salaries for nutritionists (How to Become). This is due to the high population densities of the states. Aside from a bachelor 's degree, it is possible to achieve a masters degree as a nutritionist (How to Become), which would open doors to new specialties. The salaries of these specialties of higher education would likely be higher than that of the average. With the right education and other credentials, the job of a nutritionist can be a quite lucrative

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