Obesity In Australia Essay

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Overweight and Obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat throughout the body that may affect health. While it could lead to other diseases it can also impact mental health, as well as social and economic engagement. Overweight and obesity affects many Australians. It starts in the early years and increases with age. Obesity must certainly be prevented and treated.

Obesity is a severely impactful health condition on the individual which is spread widely across Australia. Currently 63.4 per cent of adults and 24 per cent of children are currently overweight or obese. With OBESITY being a dangerous disease itself, it causes several other equivalently harmful health conditions such as chronic diseases like heart disease, type …show more content…

It is possible that those who are obese are less likely to have strong social relationships as they are left constantly teased and/or disvalued. Some may be antisocial due to demotivation from anxiety or depression issues-which may lead to self isolation, the other causes being lack of confidence and/or low self esteem. Bullying is also primarily associated with obesity as it is highly probable. Consequently it leads to depression and anxiety disorders.

In order to help support those living with obesity and prevent future obesity cases, the National Obesity Strategy will be serving to take action over the next 10 years. This is to promote healthy eating and support for those living with overweight and obesity. Educating prevention strategies to enhance the environments and conditions around us, and empowering people to live healthier lives and having positive discussions regarding healthy weight gain across society all include the actions which have been planned for reduction in unhealthy weight gaining problems.

The community and other organisations have participated in this initiative, as more than 2,750 Australians and other organisations have helped in order to develop this plan. These efforts can be helped to decrease the impact of mental health on oneself as they are willing to have encouraging

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