Observation In Developmental Language

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The purpose of this observation is to better access this 4 year old girls developmental domain of language.By assessing her, I will be able to establish techniques that will help her better grow in any areas that she might be having difficulties in. She will be observed in her language and literacy as well as in her English language development. These domains will be acknowledged during her free play time because this is the best time we can get a visual perspective of this attributes.

As I observe and listened to my recordings, you are able to state that in her understanding of receptive language(LLD 1) she is building later. The reason I placed her in this area is becuase she is able to communicate the abstract concepts of knowing what a tale is. When
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The flash cards represent the three little pigs story. In a minute and thirty seconds we are able to hear the entire conversation. The first thing you are able to hear is the child that is playing with C says, “ He is mean huh ?” and C say’s, “ He is the bad wolf,” As you listen to the audio you are able to hear them continue to describe parts of the story. Leading into (LLD 6) Comprehension of Age- Appropriate Text, which she is measured into building middle because in the audio labeled LLD 5 & 6 at exactly 0:36 seconds all the way to 0:46 seconds you are able to hear C demonstrate an understanding of the role the wolf has and why he is laughing to her friend. This audio also ties into ELD 3, which stands for Understanig and Response to English Literacy Activity. The evidence for why I would tie this in and score her Integrating to English is because at 0:16 seconds all the way the way to the audio ends she is describing the story “The Three Little Pigs,” at 0:17 seconds she says to her friend as she point to the house out of wood and
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