Obstacles You Might Encounter When Working In A Country

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Part #1

1. The concerns I would have in working in a country that I am unfamiliar with is that they could have an unstable political climate, you might need to deal with tariffs, consumer interest could be different in a foreign market and the possible language barrier you could encounter.

2. Obstacles you might encounter when you enter a foreign market without investigating it first are the consumer's need there, how to adapt your product to fit that culture, language barriers and knowledge of the currency exchange rate for that country.

Part #2

3. Italy has a parliamentary republic which is when the executive power is vested in a cabinet of members of legislature that are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature. …show more content…

Italy has a civil law system which is a system based on an in-depth set of written rules and statutes that make a legal code. I don't foresee any problems with running my business in Italy. We would just need to be knowledgeable of their rules and statutes, to avoid violating a legal code.

6. Italy's corruption score is a 50, which ranks them 54 out of 180. This ranking in much lower than its neighbors to the north and west, but higher than their neighbors to the east. I am not surprised by this because I can sense that there is still some remnants of organized crime in Italy. This ranking is lower than I would want if i were to open a business in Italy. I would be concerned about possible bribery or extortion scenarios after reading this.

7. My research has made me skeptical about doing business in Italy, The problem I'm concerned with is the corruption. If Italy has a corruption rating of 50, that concerns me that I can't trust the citizens there to run my business. If corruption did start, it would be my reputation at risk and there could be a massive amount of fines that could come up when the corruption was brought to light. I'm not concerning with their civil law system or market economy, but the corruption is definitely a

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