Tough Challenges After Coming To America

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As coming from the third war country, where education have less importance I went through some tough challenges after coming to The United State of America. Since English was my second language I became a handicap. I couldn’t go out much due to communication barriers, felt left out of the family where everyone is communicating in English laughing and giggling. I wanted to be part of it. I started thinking what would teach my children if I don’t know English. I immediately knew that in order to survive and be successful in this country, I would have to start college. Seeing my dad working hard as an electrical technician I always wanted to be an electrical engineer. With my husband support and encouragement I started my college. Upon my arrival to The United State of America my husband was working in small company and the money he was earning was not good enough to support our entire family. Even then I started my semester with his savings, but I knew I would have to do something in order to support him and my educational needs. Fortunately, I found a part time job in…show more content…
Being a mother and wife I know it’s a tough task but I always overcome the challenges by working hard. When I was kid my dad told me fix the broken radio. I took it apart and found that there was a cable that was loose and I fixed it. Ever since then I like being challenged. Working at this electronics company has given me lots of opportunity to gain knowledge about electrical components. I have gained hands on experience which will help me during my career growth. With educational cost going up day by day along with books and other required merchandise used in the classes. With this economy me and my husband salary was not going to be enough to fulfill my dream on becoming an engineer. That is when I started looking into the scholarship programs offered by
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