Occupational Hazards Research Paper

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2.1 Occupational Hazards Introduction

The definition of the occupational hazard is the risk to the health of a person usually arising out of employment. Occupational hazards also related to work, material, substance, process or situation that predisposes or itself causes accidents or disease at work place and as a risk accepted as a consequence of a particular occupation. Health refers to complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmly. There is a research that all the factors which affect both physical and mental health of the health care workers. (Simpson.J.A et al, 1989) (S.V. Manyele. et al, 2008)

There are a number of consequences of occupational diseases and injuries among hospital
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(Gestal, 1987). Whenever health care was practiced occupational hazards is always exist. People who in greatest risk are usually run by the staff of hospitals and research centers. The hazards have to be identified, quantified, while the choice of chemicals and their use patterns in hospitals must be adapted to the minimization of risks. In order to safeguard the health service providers (HSPs),
Occupational hazards sources of medical laboratory technicians can be identified, working in private multi-specialty hospitals under nine dimensions namely organization structure and policy, ergonomics, fear and safety, resources, work load and work shift, environment and hygiene, interruption, patient and communication and training related
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The study reason is to establish the available sources of information on OHS, availability of qualified supervisor in OHS, quantify the hazardous activities in hospitals and study the distribution of accidents in hospitals. The frequency of chemical handling in hospitals were also sought along with the information on the availability of chemical disinfectants/ antiseptics. (S.V. Manyele et al 2008)

The foremost predisposing factors of occupational hazards, is prolong standing, negligence and carelessness, lifting of patients and equipment’s, failure to observe simple safety in the wards, shortage of staff and excessive work load. The ways of preventing occupational hazards that suggested by the respondent is the avoidance of lifting of patients and heavy equipment’s and proper training and retraining of nurses on safety measures. (Amosu AM et al., (2011) (D. Rajan,

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