Odysseus: A Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

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The definition of a hero has evolved over time. According to Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, the first definition of a hero is, “a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability.” In The Odyssey, written by Homer, Odysseus is a hero according to this definition. Odysseus is a hero because he used his strength to overcome tough circumstances. Odysseus battles many mortals, immortals, monsters, and even gods. He has to make smart and quick decisions to save his own life and that of his crew. After fighting in the Trojan War for ten years, he is on a long, hard journey for another ten years, hoping to return home to Ithaca to see his wife and son and return to his place on the throne. Odysseus is a hero because he uses intelligence to escape difficult situations, perseverance to continue his journey despite numerous setbacks, …show more content…

He used his perseverance to keep going on his journey despite being without his family for decades. He also used his smart and quick thinking to make good decisions on where his journey should go next. Odysseus was a hero throughout the Odyssey because of the character traits Homer has written him to have. Although the epic poem has been altered throughout the centuries since the original one was written, Odysseus has stayed a hero to the reader with his amazing skills and motivation to continue his journey. The theme of this epic poem was to keep your head high. This is because although Odysseus was on a journey home that lasted a decade, he kept on motivating himself to continue his journey and return home to his family. This can be related to life because life is a hard, long, challenging story and it is up to us to motivate ourselves to get where we want. In the epic poem, “The Odyssey,” Homer does an incredible job relating Odysseus 's journey to life

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