Analysis Of Sacrifice In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Register to read the introduction…In of Mice and Men, George has to sacrifice having a normal life and not having to move from farm to farm because of having to take care of Lennie all of the time. Lennie cannot control his own strength which leads to his downfall. In the end of the novel, Lennie ultimately has to sacrifice having his companion by shooting Lennie. In the world, companionships don’t always last and people who are often alone are envious of the relationships that do end up lasting. Many of the men including, Curley, Candy, and Crooks are alone and sacrifice having what they dream of because of all the work they must do. In the Help, Skeeter has to sacrifice her relationship with all of her friends in order to stand up for what she actually believed in. She wanted to make a major change in the way things worked in Jackson because she kept a relationship with her maid, Constantine. Sacrifice is key with all of the maids and Skeeter because it is the obstacle of actually writing the book. Every writer has to make sacrifices when writing a novel. Skeeter is a great representation as she loses her friendships, her relationship with Stuart Whitworth, and spending time with her sick mother in order to make a bigger change. Hilly Hollbrook was cruel to every black person and was the main instigator in making Skeeter think about standing up for the…show more content…
In Of Mice and Men, George has lots of courage when shooting Lennie. Lennie was his lifelong friend and he had to accept that he would continue to suffer on the earth and knew that his innocence would always get the better of him. His innocence ultimately overpowers his physical strength and George knew that he would not be able to survive in the world, as displayed with the innocent puppy that ends up being killed by Lennie. George and Slim are very upset in the end because no one could really understand Lennie. George always had to explain and he had the courage to do so. Every place that they went, George had the courage to speak up for Lennie because of him being defenseless and not knowing whether something is right or wrong. In the Help, many of the maids have courage to have their writings placed in Skeeter’s book. They often have to stand up for themselves and recognize the racial discrimination in Jackson. Minnie has lots of courage when she gives Hilly the pie because even though she knew of the consequences, she carried through with it to take a stand in what she thought was wrong. Yule May has tons of courage when she confronts Hilly and her husband about getting a little extra money to send her boys to college. In utopia, there would be no discrimination and a friend would normally help a friend out. Even though Yule May helps Hilly all of the time, she receives no help. This courage shows a lot about a desire for people to be more humane and recognize that we are really all the same. The whites ultimately think the blacks are different when in reality they are the same as everyone
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