Of Mice And Men Movie Review Essay

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The classic Of Mice and Men was a story about friendship, being loyal, and making big decisions. It was very intriguing and had many different emotions. The hook to Of Mice and Men started with the main characters George and Lennie in a railroad car with a girl in a red dress crying and running away. Lennie and George are being chased by dogs and we don’t really know what happend yet. There was loud music happening so something bad might be happening. This really grabbed my attention and it was a really good beginning and makes me want to keep watching the movie. The hook grabbed my attention and it was a really good start. The imagery and sound really caught my attention because when they woman in the red dress was running it really reminded me of the book and was really similar. When they got to the bunkhouse they described it really well and it seemed really real. They added more scenes in the field which I like and they didn’t add that scene in the book. At the end of the movie when Lennie and Curley's wife are in the barn they described the scene with detail and very well. The characterization in the movie was pretty good. I feel like they could've made Lennie more like how he was in the book because in the …show more content…

The beginning of the movie makes you feel anxious because they are in a train and you don't really know what’s going on. When they are playing the music at the beginning it’s very suspenseful and you don’t know what’s going to happen. The sound of the music getting more dramatic seems like something big is about to happen and it makes you want to keep watching. During the part when they are working on the field the music is very happy and cheerful and they were all happy so the music made it seem like it was a happy time. I think the sound person did a good job at adding the right sound at the right times. Like when something suspenseful or scary is happening they add good sound so it seems more

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