Of Mice And Men Movie Vs Book Essay

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The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about two men named George and Lennie who moved place to place looking for jobs during the Great Depression. They found a ranch nearby where they were and they started working on the ranch, everything was fine in the beginning but towards the end it gets very thrilling! So in this Essay I will give you a review on both the movie and the book. In both the book and the movie the setting takes place in California on a ranch near Weed during the Great Depression. I can tell it was during the Great Depression because what they wore in the movie, but in the book it is hard to tell because the author did not describe what they were. In the movie and the book it is obvious that both takes place on a …show more content…

In the movie the characters were more believable to me than in the book because I actually got to see them and got to see their actions. George and Lennie were static characters. They did not change throughout the whole movie. Making the characters static was effective because it wouldn 't have made sense if they changed throughout the movie. In the book and in the movie I could tell what the characters and the actors were thinking and feeling. In the book I could tell what the characters were thinking and feeling because how they acted. In the movie I could really tell how the actors were thinking and feeling because of the emotions they showed. The main theme of the book and movie is loneliness and isolation. The main message they were trying to put out to me was having each other 's back was more important to them than caring about if people cared about them. I honestly think that 's what the author was trying to capture cause without a friend you would be and have nothing in life. This story is called Of Mice and Men I think they should have changed the title to Always There,why? Because in this whole movie and book George and Lennie was always there for each other for the worst times and the good

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