Last Of The Mohicans Conflict

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The Last of the Mohicans is a great movie. I have seen it before, but choose this movie to watch to get me an excuse to watch it again. The movie is about a tribe with two members left that adopted a “white son”. The white son ends of being the hero in this movie because he tries to save and protect the two daughters (Cora and Alice) in this film. This movie is set during the French and Indian War. The French and British are battling making the settlers and natives having to take sides causing even more conflict.
Hawkeye, the white son, and the older sister, Cora, end up falling in love, which a few were against this. Heyward, the Major, kept asking for her hand in marriage and she declined multiple times, making him even more upset when he found out about Cora and Hawkeye. The two sisters, Cora and Alice, end up getting captured by them. Hawkeye promises that he will come save them and he commits to his promise. The daughter’s father did not have much respect for Hawkeye. He wanted him hung. Although, if he would had been hung neither of the daughters would had survived because of the hatred the other tribe had for their father. Even though Hawkeye was not respectful in the eyes of Heyward and Cora’s father, he still respected them. In this movie, there is much conflict between the French, British, settlers, and the natives. …show more content…

The ending of the movie was not what I expected. I did not expected Alice to jump off the overlook. From what I have learned in your history class, this movie seemed historical accurate especially, how the Natives dressed. This movie showed how many of the Indian tribes were becoming a lot smaller and many of them lost. The last scene of the movie was my favorite because of speech the Chief gave to this adopted son and Cora. This movie also showed how the family relationships differed between the British and the

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