Of Mice And Men Point Of View Analysis

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Of Mice and Men Creative Writing Narrative Point of View - Objective Third-Person Chapter Minus One Birds set aloft in search of roost cast darting shadows upon the crops, seeking the shelter of oak and sycamore at farm’s edge. The final swathe of afternoon sun set fields of barley ablaze. Nestled by the foothills of a mountain range, the farm land lay just below the Oregon border. As the sun slipped lower the incoming tide of evening claimed each field stalk by stalk with an increasing appetite for darkness. Where the hilly terrain rendered cultivation an impossibility, the furrowed earth dissolved into forest. Sprawling white oaks clung to the rocky ground with equally strong and sprawling roots while the blushing sweetgum leaves remained…show more content…
walking barely visible animal trail? through field seething search party with torches ,inquisitive white oak root Lennie falling asleep drip of mud from hair on nose stares intently cross eyed before closing his eyes and relaxing again. In clear view of the barn…farmhouse between the ditch and the road over the mountain - sheer rock face of the mountain mountain/farmhouse/Weed sedentary in the ditch water tadpoles? Eventually even George gave into exhaustion. It wasn 't until the early hours that he awakened to the mornings first eager bird calls. Tt was but an hour off sunrise. He startled, jerking his arm to rouse Lennie. The larger man let out a groan which became a yawn, he then sat up and blinked. “George?” He asked in the grey light. “Get up. Wake up. We gotta go, we should’a been gone hours ago.” was George’s urgent reply. “Where we goin’ George?” “Lets go. Lennie, now.” “But I 'm all wet from the smelly ditch water.” “Never mind that now,” he said stepping decisively into the partially threshed barley, “This way.” He cut across the field in order to intersect the road which should in turn lead them to the border. “Are we goin’ over the mountains
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