Opioid Crisis Analysis

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The paper on triple aim for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs’) provides great insight into how we can contribute to solving the opioid crisis as curbing the opioid crisis will contribute to lowering cost, improving quality and improve population health overall. Given that by their nature and function seeks to coordinate and improve multiple teams and levels of healthcare providers and professionals insurers and patients which can be very complex. The paper used a very effective High Reliability Organization (aircraft industry) to analyze how; key processes through which organizations achieve reliability; leadership and organizational practices that enable it and the role that professionals can play when charged with enacting it.
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I, like some of the companies referred to in the paper always lumped both together. It is many times useful to break things down clearly into congruent units so it is more feasible to understand the issue and proffer relevant workable solutions. Meanwhile, as mentioned in the paper, such hairsplitting difference is not a usually a concern for an organization looking to make a change or improvement. While I think this understanding would be good to help in hospitals or clinics to deal with the opioid crisis. I believe that even if the hospital leadership are able to understand the climate and culture theory, it would be very difficult for them to translate to nurses, physicians and other professionals who already have a professional and organizational culture they are used to. Consequently, the implementation of creating or improving the climate or culture separately to aid stemming the crisis would be difficult. Although, I believe if it is introduced as trying to create a better organizational climate for the hospital or clinic in general with special focus on opioid addicted patients and organizational culture is treated as a component of the climate it may be easier to deploy and get good response. This is because as discussed/suggested in many of our readings people tend to hold on to culture so resisting change. But I believe people generally want a better climate to work in whatever the culture. So using tact in the way I explained above may be more practical than the separation of the two concepts that was useful for research

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